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Emergency Call, Towards Mister Marius Stan, Mayor of Galați, Regarding Mass Killing of stray dogs

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20 Jun 2014 la 14:36 6 comentarii 442 vizualizari.

Dear Mr. Mayor,
In the past 24 hours I have received a pile of letters from people both inside Romania and outside it, mainly from Germany, regarding the fact that these days the killing of about 750 stray dogs by the authorities inside the City of Galați is taken into consideration.

Mister Mayor, please stop this mass murder and find a reasonable and civilized solution to solve the situation. I assure you that you will attract the support of many people and organizations and the prestige of the city and of yours will be saved. You could, for instance, hold in the following weeks some adoptions for the captured stray dogs, thus giving them a chance. There are as well other possible actions which can take place on a short, medium or long term. Through the cooperation with citizens, NGOs and other state authorities and by by taking smart precautions, the problem of the animals on the streets can be solved in an efficient and civilized way. In fact, even the World Health Organization showed that the mass killing of stray dogs is the most expensive and inefficient way of solving this problem.

The spilled blood is hardly washed off the crest of a country or a city. Romania’s bad reputation of an awful place for animals is reinforced by the many acts of cruelty and mass murder towards the animals. I am convinced, however, that you know the famous quote of Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how it treats its animals.” The decisions taken at a political level give consistency and greatness of our nation’s moral progress or, on the contrary, it validates the already widespread impression consisting by the fact that we have an inappropriate attitude that shows insensitivity towards innocent animals.

The settlements that will act in a brutal way towards stray dogs are likely to be marked in red on a map of places unworthy of respect and consideration. I have noticed that there are already some travel companies in Germany which have canceled their contracts with Romania because of the disturbing news of the mass killing of stray dogs in our country. The Mayors who will take such disturbing decisions would collapse any standard of civilization and will expose themselves to an offended national and international public.

Starting with this Monday I will pay a visit to Berlin, along with several Romanian officials, due to the invitation of the German Government. There, I will ask for support in order for the stray dogs subject in Romania to be treated in a manner worthy of the common area of EU values in the XXI -th century.

Mister Mayor, you have the chance to act wisely without attracting more and more reactions of disapproval towards the brutal measures taken inside the City of Galați.

With the hope that you will take into account messages like this,

Remus Cernea
Independent Deputy

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